27 Jan 2011

Disney the Horse has stable life 3 years after rescue from Spindles Farm


Galloping through the grass, this magnificent horse is a picture of health and strength as he trains for his new job teaching youngsters to ride. 
But it has taken three years of intensive care, love and rehabilitation to help five-year-old Disney reach this point after he was found crammed into a tiny pen, starving, infected with salmonella and barely able to stand.
Disney was one of 100 horses, ponies and donkeys rescued in 2008 from what were described as ‘Belsen-like’ conditions at Spindles Farm in Hyde Heath, Buckinghamshire.
Beneath his hooves were the bones and rotting flesh of other animals that had been left to die. 
Showing him cold, miserable and close to death, his front-page picture in the Daily Mail prompted a flood of readers to contribute to an appeal to help the RSPCA and Horse Trust look after him. Today, all the surviving horses have new homes or are being cared for by animal charities.
For Disney, however, a brave new world beckons. Although he had never been ridden before, the blue and white roan is now stabled at Hampton Court, where Henry VIII once rode, and will teach youngsters about horsemanship with the Horse Rangers Association.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1350597/Disney-horse-stable-life-3-years-afetr-rescued-Spindles-Farm.html#ixzz1C7w6wOA6

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