29 Aug 2011

Stellar cast expected at Blenheim Horse Trials 2011

Stellar cast expected at Blenheim Horse Trials 2011

Entries have been open for just two weeks, but already the Fidelity Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials, which runs 8th-11th September 2011, has attracted record interest. 
Entries have been received to date from many of the top British-based riders including William Fox-Pitt, Mark Todd and Zara Phillips; as well as some overseas riders from nations such as Australia, Japan and South Africa who will be fighting for the winning slot in Blenheim’s Olympic team qualifier (from regions F and G), the only 2012 qualifier to take place on British soil this year.
In many cases, spectators will have the opportunity to see this stellar cast of riders in action twice over, with cross country scheduled on both the Saturday (10th September) in the CCI***and the Sunday (11thSeptember) in the eight and nine year old CIC***.  The latter has become a marker for up and coming talent as shown with Mark Todd’s, NZB Land Vision who emerged the victor of this class at Blenheim last year, en-route to winning Badminton this Spring.
“ We will try to accommodate as many combinations as we can within the restrictions of the site and schedule,” says Event Director Mandy Hervieu, “however it is possible that the event will have to ballot for the first time in many years.”
The Fidelity Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials, set in the parkland of Blenheim Palace near Woodstock (Oxon) has become an established family event, for more information please visit www.blenheim-horse.co.uk

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22 Aug 2011

Horse somersaults in the stable


A video that has been especially successful on the Internet shows that when a horse tries to leave the barn anyway.

As the site is closedhe does not think twice and give a flip to get away.
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With less than 24 hours til the 2011 Gosling Cup, we take an exclusive look at the Cross Country course that the riders will have to tackle tomorrow.



A team from the Puckeridge Hunt Western Branch of the Pony Club, today were crowned the winners of the prestigious Gosling Cup.
They won the annual event, in which branches in area eight are invited to compete, with an impressive score of 633.37, ahead of second placed Essex Farmers Pony Club A Team.
The team, which included members Georgie Hay, Emma Tollafield, Sadie Green and Clodagh Murphy, also placed second in the team ride, the dressage and the tack and turnout.
The whole day was a roaring success, with superb going and the sun shone all day, providing a great atmosphere for the Suffolk based competition, which was held by Essex & Suffolk Hunt.
For the full results, remember to pick up the September Issue of Hooked on Horses magazine which will include a full report along with photographs in our one-off Gosling Cup special!
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A woman from Surrey has been banned from keeping equines after two of her horses were found in a poor condition, as reported to a World Horse Welfare Field Officer. 
Yvette Tilly, 39, of William Russell Court, St Johns, Woking pleaded guilty this week (Monday 15th August) at Guildford Magistrates Court to two offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 for causing unnecessary suffering to ‘Kev,’ a 25 year old 17.2hh chestnut gelding and ‘Benson’, a 15.0hh 17 year old black gelding.
Tilly received a five-year ban from keeping equines, was ordered to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work relating to each horse to run concurrently, and to pay £500 in costs.
The court heard how World Horse Welfare Field Officer Ted Barnes received a call from a concerned member of the public on Thursday 31 March this year about the poor condition of the horses at a location off Murrys Lane, West Byfleet, Surrey.
Accompanied by RSPCA Inspectors Michelle Hare and Liz Wheeler, Ted visited the site on the same day where they found ‘Kev’ with a heavy lice infestation and was very thin, and ‘Benson’ who was thin and also suffering with a lice infestation.
 Ted Barnes said “Mrs Tilly has learnt her lesson.  Although she showed that she was very remorseful in court, it is good news that she will not keep equines or work in the equine industry for some time.”
Kev and Benson were signed over to World Horse Welfare and they are currently being rehabilitated at our Hall Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Snetterton, Norfolk.
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A CIC** horse breaks it’s bit, bolts, and jumps a car, with the rider still on board! at the European ** Championships at Aston le Walls on 6th August 2011
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11 Aug 2011

Drink smelling of horse sperm

It is rather strange to tell it. A pub in New Zealand decided to innovate and offers itscustomers an unusual drink, flavored horse sperm.
horse semen shots Drink nauseabundo de esperma de cavalo
The bizarre idea of ​​the drink came in the mind of Steven Drummond, co-owner of the Green Man Pub, located in Wellington. He was looking for some interesting drink enough to enroll in the international "14th annual Monteith's Beer & Wild Food Challenge."
He got a stud stallion sperm and artificial apple flavor added. I was ready to drink that water would at the mouth of Freddy Mercury (Happy is he who has never heard of the eschatological drink that Freddie Mercury would have asked some young muscular young men in that anthology Rock in Rio).

Well, my friends. If you think it was a huge failure leitinho the horse, just wait to see the parade was a success. A lot of people paid about twenty dollars, nearly fifty bucks to drink a cup full of shit, say, horse semen-flavored apple, proving my theory that 2012 is already taking it to arrive.
According to the chef of the Green Man Pub, Jason Varley, the drink horse semen, called "Hoihoi tatea" is preferred by female clientele that frequents the pub. Many of them, try to drink a comment about putting things hubby to eat grass. Varley admits that tasted the drink and found the drink horse semen "with a taste OK," while acknowledging that it is not very popular with the guys who frequent the establishment.
Despite the supposed benefits of drinking sperm horse, like the explosion of testosterone, none of the customers who drank decided to return to a second dose. The staff of The Green Man suggests that customers drink to stop a single shot, rather than sip sip on.
If your dream has always been a glass of leitinho horse, unfortunately will have to improvise around a pasture near you. The drink is no longer available. The sale of drink sperm horse was closed yesterday, when the Monteith's Beer & Wild Food Challenge has ended.

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Alfie, the horse that has a mustacheAlfie, the horse that has a mustache

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It seems as if this horse has eaten a Barbie doll, but the curious fact is that the horse reallyhas this amazing blond mustache since I was young.
7 inch mustache Alfie, o cavalo que tem bigode

Alfie, as the horse is called a mustache, lives in stables at Bitton, near Bristol, where the manager Coxteth Hayley, 20, Deily told the Mail:

"He is a horse is very stubborn and very proud of his mustache. He is a horse person. "

It is believed that this is the horse with the biggest mustache in the world. Or perhaps in Britain. The horses have whiskers around the muzzle to help them judge the distance of food and other objects, but mustaches are usually seen only in Holstein.