30 Mar 2012

Undecided on horseback in London, dealing with jealousy Luiza 'Samba'

Ready to play in his second Olympics in dressage, Luiza Almeida has not yet decided what will your horse to compete in the 2012 London Games. 'Samba', your pet since age 13, is jealous of the Amazon, while she also tries to mingle with 'Pastor'.

"Training with the 'Samba' is a long time. I have great affinity with him, but he is jealous of me, with my brothers and even my boyfriend. He bites and gets a little irritated. O 'Samba' does not like do with me, "Pastor," said the rider. Both horses are breed Lusitano.

Luis admits that he has more affection for 'Samba', but believes that the height of 'Pastor' can be decisive in choosing your horse for the Olympic Games. "The 'Pastor' is much larger than the 'Samba'. He is 1.75 m in height while the 'Samba' is 1.58 m. For training, the size of it helps a lot, he has more potential than samba. To London I buy a greater affinity with the 'Pastor'. I'll make evidence abroad, who have the best result is what will, I can not think of the heart, "said Luiza, who will travel to Europe in May to make final preparations for the Olympics.

Training in the country
The equestrian competitions at the Olympics comprise three categories: jumping, dressage and CCE (eventing). Most Brazilian competitors who go to London train in Europe, the cradle of the sport.

Luis believes that staying in the selection of riders training in Brazil will help expand the sport in the country. "We have to battle it is that riders stay here. We need to develop the sport in the country, not to stay with just one or two idols, "said the athlete who qualified for the London Olympics by being the first in the rankings of the Latin American training.

For the London Games, Luiza Almeida improve their dreams result of Beijing 2008 (ranked 40th luigar) and at least get to the finals of the sport. However, she sees only chance of a medal for Brazil in 2016, the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

"Brazil is very new in this sport. The medal in London is practically impossible, but for 2016, I believe in the medal to Brazil. My goal for this year is to reach the final, "concluded the rider.

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