26 May 2011


A woman riding in a horse and carriage was turned away from a McDonald’s drive-thru after they were deemed a health and safety hazard.
Debbie Murden was refused service at the hatch of the fast food restaurant in Alfreton, Derbyshire, after staff said it was too dangerous to serve her when she was in the carriage.
Woman refused from Mc Donalds in Horse Cart
So 42-year-old Ms Murden steered her transport – pulled by a Welsh Cob stallion called Dago – over the road to KFC where staff were happy to take her order.
Ms Murden said she was surprised by the refusal, as she rides her horse and carriage for miles from her home in Pinxton, Derbyshire, often stopping off at pubs and restaurants along the way. She said:
‘My horse travels on dual carriageways and is never affected – there is no reason why it would be dangerous. I went into the restaurant to buy a meal for me and my boyfriend and some carrot sticks for my horse.It was a surprise to me as I’ve never been refused before. We often stop off at pubs and leave the stallion in the car park, it’s usually no bother whatsoever, and is mostly a good talking point.’
Ms Murden said she was puzzled by the refusal to serve her as she had used the same drive-thru two weeks ago with no problem to buy a meal for her and her horse.
She also points out there are no signs at the restaurant stating customers in horse-drawn carriages cannot use the drive-thru service. Ms Murden has sent a complaint to McDonald’s about being turned away, but the fast-food restaurant has yet to reply. She added:
‘If they say sorry and admit it’s their fault then I will go there again but from now on I’ll be using KFC.’
A McDonald’s spokesman said:
‘We’re sorry to have disappointed Ms Debbie Murden and for any confusion caused. The health and safety of our customers is our top priority and for this reason we are unable to serve customers in a horse-drawn carriage ‘We will ensure this policy is reiterated to our employees so any inconsistency is avoided.’
A KFC spokesman said:
‘We were happy to serve Ms Murden and look forward to seeing her again soon.’

What are your thoughts on the matter – Are McDonalds right?

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  1. Yeah, screw them. How is this any health risk, and it's not hazardous any more than a car.