25 Jan 2012

Horse Breeds

Horse Breeds

Horse Breeds

Get all the information you need about horse breeds from around the world. Find out more about your horse's heritage, or learn which breed is perfect for you. We have detailed profiles on more than 85 breeds of horse, from the popular American Quarter Horse, Thoroughbredand Arabian horse to the exotic FriesianAkhal-Teke and Gypsy Horse. Learn the fascinating history of these horse breeds and what equestrian sports they excel in today.
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Icelandic Horse

Horse Breed of the Month

Each month, we feature a new breed in the pages of Horse Illustrated and here on HorseChannel.com. This month, the Icelandic Horse is on display. Because of its isolation on the island of Iceland, this breed has remained pure for centuries. The Icelandic is noted for being five-gaited, capable of performing the tolt and flying pace in addition to walk, trot and canter.


Horse Breeds by Discipline

Which breed of horse is right for you? Narrowing your search based on your preferred riding discipline will help you find the horse of your dreams.
White HorseIf you dream of a home on the range, running barrelsherding cattle or just moseying down the trail, look for a stock-type horse such as the American Quarter HorseAmerican Paint Horse or Appaloosa. These horses were developed for ranch work and are a good match for any western rider.

Dark HorseIf you seek an English athlete to take to the hunter show ring or compete in the Olympic disciplines of show jumping, eventing and dressage, consider the Thoroughbred. Or look for European horse breeds such as the Dutch Warmblood, Hanoverian and Trakehner, which have been selectively bred for generations to create the ideal English sport horse.
Horse RidingGaited breeds including the Tennessee Walking HorseRocky Mountain Horse andMissouri Foxtrotter are popular with aging riders who seek a smooth ride, distance riders who spend long hours in the saddle, and anyone who wants a reliable equine companion.
Horse RidingCan't decide what you want to do? Some breeds are meant for versatility, including theMorgan, the first horse breed developed in America, and the Arabian, the oldest breed still in existence. These horses are at home in western or English tack, under saddle or in harness, on the trail or in the show-ring.
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