14 Apr 2012

Swimming swimsuit inspired treatment and prevention of injuries in horses in London 2012

Years ago, the swimming world was shaken by the "supermaiôs." The clothes helped athletes pulverizarem records in swimming pools and created so much controversy that eventually banned. Little remains of those swimsuits in swimming, horseback riding but the legacy still remains, serving as inspiration for a curious invention Matthew Spice, which will be used in London in 2012.

Aware of the benefits that brought the suit for athletes, this former rugby player thought "why not do the same for the horses?". The appearance, as can be seen in the photo, it is strange, but this kind of suit can help performance horses in competitions. But instead of improving the speed of the animal, the laundry aids in the prevention and treatment of lesions.

In London-2012, for example, all animals will be using the invention in air travel to avoid stress and muscle maintain body temperature. And not only that. The horses will also use the suit before and after training sessions and competitions
During all the years I developed the costumes, I realized that the horses love it. Horses that are injured, young and old horses, they love it. I've never seen a horse attempts to bite the costume, which is quite significant, "said Spice.

The benefits of costumes tablets are not new in medicine or in sport. Football players used to prevent injury to the thigh, for example, while patients with thrombosis use half tight to assist in movement, among other applications. The merit of the inventor was carrying Australian technology for the horses.

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