10 Mar 2011

New Equine Anti Doping rules announced

Doping feat

A new set of National Equine Anti Doping and Controlled Medication rules have been announced by the BEF.
The British Equestrian Federation yesterday announced a new set of National Equine Anti Doping and Controlled Medication rules (BEFAR), which will see more anti-doping tests taking place across the disciplines.
The new rules, which closely mirror the FEI guidelines, will affect all BEF Member Bodies in FEI disciplines and will be incorporated into their rules on publication of their forthcoming rulebooks.
FEI Disciplines refers to the following BEF Member Bodies: British Dressage, British Eventing, British Equestrian Vaulting, British Horse Driving Trials Association, British Reining, British Showjumping and Endurance GB.
All disciplines will be fully compliant by 1st January 2012. The BEF Member Bodies concerned have welcomed this standardised system, which will create a clear policy for all members across those disciplines, with all adhering to the same prohibited substances list, sanctions and procedures. British Showjumping will be the first Olympic discipline to join the system on 1st April 2011.
The new system will see an increasing number of anti-doping tests across the disciplines and all affiliated members should expect their horse to be tested, whether they are competing at grass roots level or at a National Championship. The Equine Anti Doping and Controlled Medication Rules for international competitors remain unchanged.
It is important to note that the new system, in line with the FEI, adopts their prohibited substances list in its entirety, including a ban on Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs). Under the new National system, these will be classed as Controlled Medications, which, if found in a horse’s sample during competition, will result in a violation.
The BEFAR and prohibited substances list can be found on the BEF website, click here to see the list.

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