3 Mar 2011

Paul Tapner escapes serious injury in terrifying lorry crash

Paul tapner lorry crash

Paul Tapner, the Badminton Horse Trials 2010 winner has had a lucky escape from a lorry crash. They were on their way to Summerhouse Equestrian Centre for a BSJA show.
Paul reported on his Facebook page:
“Head girl Zoe Wilkinson was in the driving seat (stationary), one horse thrown onto road on impact, other two rather squashed, but amazingly all escaped with only cuts and bruises.”
Thankfully no one was seriously hurt and everyone, including the horses, have walked away from the scene.
In other news, Essex equestrian centre, Norton Heath has been put up for sale:http://www.hookedonhorses.co.uk/2011/exclusive-essex-equestrian-centre-for-sale/

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