27 Apr 2012

Lukas the horse world's smartest

With over three thousand fans on Facebook, Lukas became known worldwide in 2011 to be considered by the Guinness Book World's Smartest Horse. With nineteen Thoroughbred Brown was able to identify the greatest number of ordinal numbers, a total of nineteen. Under the instruction of her trainer Karen Murdock, actions such as sit and search for objects are common in daily horse.

Ten years ago, the animal was adopted by Karen after suffering abuse from the old owner, who used it for racing. How not had good results, was left in a backyard with limited space and without care.

Although we always want a horse race, when faced with the horse, the trainer soon realized there other skills. Due to the surprising intelligence, Karen put aside the race and spent years using methods of repetition, allowing Lukas identify numbers and objects in surprising ways.


Source: Portal R7

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