11 Aug 2011

Drink smelling of horse sperm

It is rather strange to tell it. A pub in New Zealand decided to innovate and offers itscustomers an unusual drink, flavored horse sperm.
horse semen shots Drink nauseabundo de esperma de cavalo
The bizarre idea of ​​the drink came in the mind of Steven Drummond, co-owner of the Green Man Pub, located in Wellington. He was looking for some interesting drink enough to enroll in the international "14th annual Monteith's Beer & Wild Food Challenge."
He got a stud stallion sperm and artificial apple flavor added. I was ready to drink that water would at the mouth of Freddy Mercury (Happy is he who has never heard of the eschatological drink that Freddie Mercury would have asked some young muscular young men in that anthology Rock in Rio).

Well, my friends. If you think it was a huge failure leitinho the horse, just wait to see the parade was a success. A lot of people paid about twenty dollars, nearly fifty bucks to drink a cup full of shit, say, horse semen-flavored apple, proving my theory that 2012 is already taking it to arrive.
According to the chef of the Green Man Pub, Jason Varley, the drink horse semen, called "Hoihoi tatea" is preferred by female clientele that frequents the pub. Many of them, try to drink a comment about putting things hubby to eat grass. Varley admits that tasted the drink and found the drink horse semen "with a taste OK," while acknowledging that it is not very popular with the guys who frequent the establishment.
Despite the supposed benefits of drinking sperm horse, like the explosion of testosterone, none of the customers who drank decided to return to a second dose. The staff of The Green Man suggests that customers drink to stop a single shot, rather than sip sip on.
If your dream has always been a glass of leitinho horse, unfortunately will have to improvise around a pasture near you. The drink is no longer available. The sale of drink sperm horse was closed yesterday, when the Monteith's Beer & Wild Food Challenge has ended.

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