22 Aug 2011


A team from the Puckeridge Hunt Western Branch of the Pony Club, today were crowned the winners of the prestigious Gosling Cup.
They won the annual event, in which branches in area eight are invited to compete, with an impressive score of 633.37, ahead of second placed Essex Farmers Pony Club A Team.
The team, which included members Georgie Hay, Emma Tollafield, Sadie Green and Clodagh Murphy, also placed second in the team ride, the dressage and the tack and turnout.
The whole day was a roaring success, with superb going and the sun shone all day, providing a great atmosphere for the Suffolk based competition, which was held by Essex & Suffolk Hunt.
For the full results, remember to pick up the September Issue of Hooked on Horses magazine which will include a full report along with photographs in our one-off Gosling Cup special!
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