11 Aug 2011

Alfie, the horse that has a mustacheAlfie, the horse that has a mustache

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It seems as if this horse has eaten a Barbie doll, but the curious fact is that the horse reallyhas this amazing blond mustache since I was young.
7 inch mustache Alfie, o cavalo que tem bigode

Alfie, as the horse is called a mustache, lives in stables at Bitton, near Bristol, where the manager Coxteth Hayley, 20, Deily told the Mail:

"He is a horse is very stubborn and very proud of his mustache. He is a horse person. "

It is believed that this is the horse with the biggest mustache in the world. Or perhaps in Britain. The horses have whiskers around the muzzle to help them judge the distance of food and other objects, but mustaches are usually seen only in Holstein.

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