28 Oct 2010

The Essentials of Grooming a Horse

Grooming a horse is important in a couple of ways: to create a regular grooming habit, and to detect and treat any acquired injuries. More importantly, providing the best hygienic care there is for your horse would better ensure that they perform their best when you ride them. Caring for your horse should be given enough priority and it does not require a lot from you, only patience and genuine care for the welfare of your animals.

First, you will need a few grooming tools in order to get the job done. You can find several cheap tools in the market, like a curry comb, body brush, mane and tail comb, a hoof pick, as well as a soft sponge or cloth to bathe the horse in. It would be better if you have a grooming spray, hoof ointment, and scissors or clippers because you'll never know when they might come handy.

To bathe your horse, you can start from either side so long as you make sure that the entire body is washed up thoroughly. You can choose to use a sponge and a bucket of water to bathe the horse or simply a garden hose to let the water flow. You have to regularly bathe them in order for them to get used to it, and before you finish off make sure to have removed even the tiniest speck of dirt possible.

If you are undecided on what type of shampoo to use in cleaning your horse, you can actually use any type of shampoo, whether the ones made especially for horses or human shampoo. The only thing you have to remember is the rinse it off very well. Also, try not to frequent the usage of shampoo when cleaning your horse because it might strip off the natural oil and could lead to drying out of the horse's hair.

As for the horse's mane, you can vary the braiding or banding techniques used depending on a particular horse's discipline or breed. Meanwhile, there are some who completely shave off a horse's mane, while others are roaches. When it comes to the tail, you can clip, thin, or add it up to help enhance the horse's appearance or to mask off any faults. However, any forms of grooming done on the tail are done mainly for aesthetic purposes.

Because the hoof is an essential part in a horse's body, taking good care of it is extremely necessary. The most common way of cleaning a horse's hoofs is by picking out its feet wherein mud, manure, or rocks are removed from the sole. This is done not only for hygienic purposes but also to prevent the horse from suffering from any kind of bruises or ailment.

For horses that are used for competition, the importance of grooming a horse takes on a whole new level. Among the various benefits that you can get from regular horse care is an improved skin and coat health, lesser health problems, and it also enables you to assess the horse's health or check if there are any acquired injuries.

But more importantly, grooming their horses has enabled them to form a bond with their pets - the typical pet and master relationship. It enables the horse to be healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally, as this gives him the impression of actually being taken care of. When it comes to grooming a horse, a little bit definitely goes a long way!

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