31 Oct 2010

Saddles and stirrups

The first Saddles, served as model for the contemporary, were made in the early years of the Christian era by a nomadic tribe of the Black Sea area and were made with wooden frames. Are now used strips of wood but are reinforced with metal plates or they are replaced by plastic.
Portuguese saddle:
Can be used for almost all purposes (Bullfighting, rides, riding lessons). To manufacture the chorus is used pork and strips of metal that are flat on the frame so as to give more elasticity.

General-purpose saddle (English or Hungarian):Can be used for all purposes (jump, cross country racing, hunting, riding lessons etc.).To manufacture the chorus is used pork and strips of metal that are flat on the frame so as to give more elasticity.
Western Saddles:Are saddles that were brought to America by Spaniards and that there were appropriate to the cowboys. These saddles weigh twice as much English but can adjust to almost all horses without risk of hurting him, are comfortable for long distances and has space for all objects that tend to bring the Cowboys.
Saddles SpecialAre saddles that are made with specific purpose. There are saddles for the jumps, which are closely cut in front and lighter; saddles for dressage, which has a cut in sweat, allowing lengthening the double belt of the stirrup. There are saddles for classes, for long distances to shows and races (weighing about 450gr).

 How to choose the best saddle:
Use: leisure, business or sport?A saddle to ride may be simpler and lighter, while the supporters of processions and parades prefer more ornate designs.Breed type and conformation of horseMeasures of the saddle must match the anatomy of the animal. Saddles large or too small to cause injuries and destruction of the horse, and cause him rebellious attitude and can do it or cram hump.Rider height and measurements:The good saddle manufacturers offer adequate measures for children and adults, there are also variations according to the weight and measures of the user. Comfort and safety are essential in order to ride safely.Good Saddles:"Their support is evenly saddlecloths in dorsal muscles of the horse; The calipers are fixed in a position that allows the proper placement of the leg of the rider, upright as if he was standing with legs slightly bent, has the stirrup leathers made of a strip leather and strong piece, without seams be amended by; leather is made resistant to excessive stretching or wear prematurely; has fittings made of stainless metal; His girth girths or has, thickness and finish that prevents diaper rash on the horse. "
Parts of the saddle:
Switch (back):The height and tilt also varies widely. If it is very sloped, will push the seat back, if high-rise and low sloping coquis discomfort. The ideal height and tilt is moderate.Seat:The seat of the saddle front should tend to be deep and comfortable, the bandstand is the rider's weight to be directed to the dorsal region, not to press the back where the kidneys are located, very sensitive organs.Suador:Bottom of the saddle, which rests on the external suador. The suador has a filler that acts as a buffer and may be grass, wool or polyester. Without this protection, the direct friction results in bruises, which are open sores that develop along the withers, the back and / or fillet, being difficult to heal. If the horse is bulky in his thoracic region, will require a saddle suador more open in the opposite case, will require a saddle suador more closed. The saddle should be positioned so as not to limit movement of the shoulders (from the middle of the withers).Frame:It is the structure of the saddle, may be iron (makes heavier saddle), steel, wood (moderate weight) or fiber (makes lighter saddle).
Stirrups:It serves as a footrest, preventing it from swaying with the movements of the horse. The shape of the steps varies, the stirrups are ideal bell-shaped, why not hold your feet with the ease of round brackets, which would be dangerous in case of falls, provide better support, especially if the base is wide and covered in rubber A wide base is needed in the stirrups to saddles Endurance, an activity where there are more chances of the rider to lose support in his stirrups. A special type of stirrup is the "rescue" of mobile base.The material used for fabrication of stirrups can be stainless steel, metal, iron or aluminum.Loros:They are the parts that hold the leather straps, being stuck in the frame of the saddle through hoops.Cinch and girth:The girth is a piece that goes through the belly of the horse with the purpose of adjusting the saddle. The girth is a piece more closely, which passes through the region of Cilhadouro, just behind the elbow.

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