27 Oct 2010

Spotty Dartmoor pony looks like a dalmatian

Described as a cross between a dalmatian and a zebra, this foal aptly named spotty by passers by, is in fact a rare polka dotted pony. Spotted by cliff-top ramblers at Wembury Point in Devon, His family usually lives and grazes on Dartmoor, but were moved to Wembury Point to help munch down the scrub.
Whats most unusual is that his mother is in fact all brown, however, its father belongs to the ancient British Spotted breed which was once common.

Warden Lorna Sheriff said:
“On Easter Monday this amazing foal with white fur and black spots was born on the cliff. It is very unusual to see a pony with his colourings. Most of the Dartmoor ponies are a lovely chocolate brown or cream colour. He will be going back to Dartmoor on Friday to join the rest of the herd.”
The foal was born last week but his owners say his real name is Pongo. They come in several colour types including ‘blanket’ where the animal has a plain base coat with a white spotted blanket over its quarters and back.
There is also ‘snowflake’ where the creature has white spots on a dark base coat. Others are called ‘few spot’ and have hardly any spots at all.
Warden Lorna Sheriff added:
”He’ll be going back to Dartmoor in Friday to join the rest of the herd until he is a little older to come back and graze here.”

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