26 Oct 2010

Love Horses? There’s an app for that!

Since the introduction of the iPhone and the revolutionally app store, there has been a total of 3 billion downloads worldwide, thats a lot of apps! There was only a matter of time before somebody released an app for all us horse lovers.
1. EquiAgenda – £2.39 itunes.com
Keep your horse’s data handy and always available with EquiAgenda©. In addition to a Calendar, it has 24 beautiful photos by noted equine photographer, Paula da Silva – starting from the month you buy this app.
It allows you to track all of the important events in the life of your horse. With a quick glance, you can see vet appointments, medications, farrier, foaling, competitions, supplements and dietary notes for as many horses as you like! You can even upload a photo of your horse which will show as its avatar.
Download this must-have app to your iPhone and iPod Touch today. EquiAgenda© will keep you organized and help you keep your horses happy and healthy.

2. EquiTempo – £1.19 - www.equiapps.com
Riders interested in dressage training help their horses maintain a consistent tempo through riding aids and body language. Riding with a metronome that matches the tempo you want to maintain can help you develop a consistent and rhythmic tempo.
This metronome utility allows an instructor or peer to mark time for riders by giving a regular tick sound at a pre-determined rate. Plug your iPod into an arena sound system and have a friend or instructor change the tempo as you change your gaits. The main view shows average beats-per-minute (bpm) for each gait.
Change the gait by touching the walk, trot, and canter buttons at the bottom of the main screen. Touch the add (+) and subtract (-) buttons to fine-tune the appropriate bpm for your horse. This app will automatically save the changes you make.
Should you wish to reset the default bpm settings select the Reset button on the ‘Info’ screen.

3. Equicalc – £0.59p – www.equiapps.com
Using a livestock scale is the best way to find out the weight of your horse. If it is not practical to find such a scale, this calculator will estimate your horses weight based on two measurements, the heart girth and the horses length. This calculator provides a general idea of a horse’s weight.
The formula used to estimate weight in this calculator is ((heart girth inches x heart girth inches x body length inches)/320=estimated body weight in pounds for a horse. For a yearling, divide by 300. For a foal, divide by 280. We have arrived at this formula by testing the results against the nomogram developed by C. L. Carroll and P. J. Huntington. To use this horse utility application you will need a regular tape measure and someone to help hold the horse still as you take the measurements. Make sure the horse is standing on level ground and is relaxed.

4. Equilist - £1.19 – www.equiapps.com
The EquiList app is a simple digital checklist that grooms and riders can use while preparing to attend a horse show.
Items are organized into categories for travel, documents, grooming, tack and the rider. The pre-loaded list contains over 100 items. Users may then add, delete and customize the list to their particular show needs. There is a checkbox that can be marked off as each item is packed.
Touch the Edit button to delete items from the list.
Touch on an item to modify the details. This will take you to a screen that allows you to change the text, choose a section for the item and mark whether the item is packed.
Click the Add button to add a new item to your list.
Happy showing!

5. Encyclopedia of Horses – £0.59p – Encyclopedia of Horseswww.fionazul.com
This app is aim at those who want to know about the different breeds and species that exists as well as learning about the development, care and feeding of each.The app contains everything related to the basic concepts that an encyclopaedia of this quality requires with a variety of photos that illustrate each of the types of horse to study.
You can also use the copy and paste tool inside the app, allowing you to send certain elements in emails or inserting into documents

6. BETA Directory (Official) – FREE - itunes.com
The British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) represents the equestrian trade and supports riders and horse owners through the work we do on safety and standards.
This official app puts the BETA members’ directory on your iPhone. You can find where your nearest BETA approved retailer is located, including full contact details. There’s also instant access to all of the latest BETA news and dates for equestrian events that we are attending.

7. Horse Name Generator - £0.59p -itunes.com
Want to name your new horse? Now with this handy app you can carry around a source of inspiration in your pocket.
If you’re an author looking to name your characters’ steeds, then this is the tool for you.
Happy naming!

8. Horses! – £0.59p – itunes.com
Discover the ADDICTIVE GAME that keeps you guessing about horses.
A fun and entertaining game to learn about horses from clydesdales to westphalians through visual recognition.
The fun multiple choice quiz format tracks your progress as you go. The app keeps you challenged by remembering what you got right and wrong!
BROWSE THE HORSES to learn more about the breed’s history and facts.
AMAZING PICTURE of horses that inspire learning.
There is no better or easier way to introduce yourself to so many equine breeds.
So addictive, you won’t want to put it down once you start!

9.The Horse Lover’s Ultimate Horse Quiz - £0.59p - itunes.com
Do you think you know your horse facts? Then take this fun, fast-paced, and educational quiz, covering all aspects of horsemanship from alfalfa to zebras. The Horse Lover’s Ultimate Horse Quiz covers a broad array of equestrian questions including English, Western, Breeds, Sport Riding, Horse Health, Tack, and of course, Horse Trivia. You might even learn a few interesting facts along the trail.
This app is fun and entertaining for the entire family. You’ll have 225 questions to fill those moments when you’re away from your horse. The faster you answer correctly, the higher the points you get. Play against yourself or challenge your horse-loving friends to see who can get the highest score. The Horse Lover’s Ultimate Horse Quiz will keep you in the saddle so you can ride off into the sunset!    

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