27 Oct 2010

London 2012 Olympic ticket prices revealed

The prices for tickets to watch at the London 2012 Olympic Games have now been revealed. Tickets for the Olympic Games are available at a wide range of prices starting at £20.
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There are also special prices available for young people and seniors across all Olympic sports. Young people who are sixteen years old or younger (at 27 July 2012) will pay their age for a ticket. Seniors aged 60 and over (at 27 July 2012) will pay £16. These ‘pay your age’ ticket prices and senior ticket prices will be available in more than two-hundred sessions. The price of a ticket for a wheelchair space includes a companion seat located next to it.

Artist impression of the Olympic Equestrian Arena

Equestrian and Ceremony ticket costs are as follows:
Opening ceremony: £2,012, £1,600, £995, £150, £20.12.
Closing ceremony: £1,500, £995, £655, £150, £20.12.

Each sport’s event will have the same number of tickets in each price bracket. Some events have varying prices for quarter-finals and semi-finals and men’s/women’s events.
Equestrian – Dressage: preliminary £95, £65, £40, £20; final £275, £175, £95, £65.
Equestrian – Eventing (dressage, jumping only): preliminary £95, £65, £40, £20; final £150, £95, £55, £35.
Equestrian – Eventing (cross-country only): preliminary £55.
Equestrian – Jumping: preliminary £95, £65, £40, £20; final £275, £175, £95, £65.

- Prices may differ within a session type, depending on factors such as the time of day.
  • Special prices for young people and seniors are available in more than 200 sport sessions.

For more information on ticket pricing, and on London 2010, please visit the official ticketing website:http://www.tickets.london2012.com/

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