20 Feb 2012

As the wild horse was domesticated

Today it is common to have horses as pets, helping with tasks of day-to-day and participating in sports andtherapeutic techniquesBut it was not always so. For thousands of years ago these animals were completelywild so mysteriousBut then as he was tamed?

Count the historical accounts that six thousand years ago the peoples of the Iberian Peninsula hosted agroup of wild horses on their land and that this was the beginning that the man could get closer to theseanimals unless they frighten one another.

The survival of these animals in the wild occurred when encaminharem to pasture on the Iberian Peninsulaand some Asian lands to escape the dense vegetation covering the whole of EuropeNature did the rest by getting them to survive and they were getting used to the presence of people around you.

Without fear of approaching animals, humans were getting close gradually giving food and cuddles to winNot long after, had already mastered these four-legged friendsShortly after they were already used to help in agriculture as a means of transport, trade and even wars.

Although the history cite several ways to approachuntil now researchers have found that walking was not the exact shape of the capture and domestication of horsesAny statement made ​​to them about being in our lives today is pure speculation. The only thing certain is that humans, being ranked as the most developedmammalit is natural that can stand out and dominate the other races with ease. Unfortunately, use of violence in many casesThis is the only part that must change to actually be more "evolved" these beautiful animals.

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