20 Feb 2012

How it works and covering the Equestrian Life Insurance?

The horse market is increasingly competitive. To keep animals healthy and make you reach your destination without any damage it takes a lot of care and attention. Today the owners can rely on several tools to aid one of them are life insurance, health and transport of horses.
Make a life insurance policy for your pet is to have the assurance that at least part of what you invested will be refunded if something more serious happens. But it's only advantages that these policies are made. Just as you are careful in choosing the insurer that will take care of your assets and your family, it must be used to choose one that will heal on their animals.

Before hiring an insurance company and study the pros and cons of this need. Investigate the company to determine the suitability of her and talk to people who already have insurance for horses. Ask the company name used, has had problems with the services provided which required documentation and coverage given by her.
Most insurers examine the horse for their potential, be it a player or a competitor. Others do not take into account these items. Make sure everything is covered and if any service is charged out.
Some companies make packages for life insurance or life and health and transportation, choose one that's best for you and your animals. Consider also the prices and cost-benefit of each proposal with a gain you will have with each horse insured. The values ​​of the policy may increase or decrease according to the activity of your pet, the more risky the higher the price.
There are the individual policies or in groups, which tend to go more into account. Those that have health insurance also come to provide coverage in the event of special operations and autopsy, in the case of horses athletes. The covers can also be chosen for geographic analysis, international coverage if they choose the price can increase greatly. Pregnant mares may come into coverage of pregnancy, which is nothing more than to hold the foal to be born.
Much of the life insurance cover for horses animals in matters of natural deaths, accidents, diseases, natural disasters, explosions, fires, breakdowns in transportation, stealing and killing for humanitarian reasons or contagious diseases. Check out all items well before closing the deal.
To make the register most insurance companies require a veterinary report, statement of campaign, CBC and the IEA in the case of animals without registration. For the record, besides the aforementioned is also necessary to deliver the copy of record of the animal

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