20 Feb 2012

What to give for your horse or not eat?

Keep feeding their horses healthy is essential for your well-being and health in one day. But not all foods have the nutrients needed to keep a horse in good shape. Meet a few of the more traditional means of horse feeding and how to choose the best diet.
Hay, the primary means of power given by the creators, must take great care when choosing. Those collected in the spring have greater nutritional value, so will the animal sated and well fed. For it is in good condition for consumption should be dry for at least six weeks. If your pet has a respiratory disease or in drier times of the year moisten the hay with a little clean water to help not hinder digestion and breathing because of loose particles in the air.
Another food that should be very careful when providing horses are herbs in general. They are important minerals in the development of the animal, but in large amounts tend to leave the belly increased, which for those athletes that are difficult activities. Knowing what type of grass to give the horse will depend on the personal taste of each animal, they tend to prefer more green leaves and tender, and his instinct chooses that which is required at the time.
To address the lack of vitamin A in the body of the horses in your daily diet includes portions of raw carrots and very clean. Being a food rich in beta carotene, helps the production of melanin in the body causing your horse has a soft fur and bright color. The carrots should not be part of the diet, but a supplement.
If you use their horses for activities or sports that require him an excessive expenditure of energy, in the daily diet includes a lot of oats. It can be mixed with hay and is easy to digest. Before the competitions coaches typically offer a little more to ensure energy until the end of activities. It is rich in iron, calcium and protein, which will prevent many diseases, especially in older animals.
A good option to supplement the diet of your animals is to mix with the food of the day-to-day some cookies concentrated. On sale in specialized stores, they contribute to the balance of vitamins and minerals important for fitness of the horse. The type of cracker must be chosen according to breed, age and size of each animal.

Sweets in general should stay out of the power of any animal, especially horses. To avoid lumps of sugar, so the level of blood glucose level will always be acceptable. To brighten the animal with a sweet taste of fruit, preferably apples, or crackers suitable for horses.
The grass has very little nutritional value, but many animals like to consume it. For horses that need to gain weight opt ​​for drought. In animals within the weight be sure to put them in sauce and serve within 24 hours so that fermentation does not occur. The other dry forage tends to colic in horses, avoid them as much as possible, especially if they perform activities that require too much effort on a day-to-day.
Other common foods in the equine diet are salt, corn, barley and sugar beets. Any doubt consult your veterinarian. Sometimes it is necessary to complement with drugs and he alone can assist you in choosing the best diet for your troop.

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