20 Feb 2012

Taking good care of the hooves of his horse

The care of your horses go beyond food and a good environment for sleep. The observation of the hooves and verification of the horseshoe of the animals are important parts to keep them healthy and willing to perform their daily activities.
The horseshoe has the main role of protecting the hull of the horses. Furthermore, it corrects wear and assists in the treatment of wound healing. But before doing the insert or exchange is the same as it is necessary to check the poise of the animal. Without forgetting that not all horses need to be ferrageados.Those who walk in pastures loose not need to use the shoe as the hoof wear is a natural action and does not cause as much impact as that occurred in the concrete runways, for example.
But what is ferragear?
The shoeing is nothing more than the act of preaching the shoes with the specific use of nails in the horse's hoof. In addition to protecting the feet, the shoes help to compensate for the defects of training and help reduce gait irregularities.
Horses that live in barns, stables or other places with hard flooring shall be ferrageados ever for excessive wear of the hoof will not cause health problems and performance of the animal.
But not just anyone can go ferrageando a horse. The officer should have knowledge of animal anatomy, to determine which features of each part and not reach any area of ​​the soft shell. Depending on the breed and age of the animal that body part is changed constantly, so it is necessary care and attention in time to nail the studs in horseshoes.

Enhance it!
Today there are many specialized courses in all areas in the care of horses and learn how to care for their hooves are part of many grid. In these classes the ferrageador will learn how to trim the hoof, correct angulations as well as special techniques for placing the shoes without the animal gets hurt. Among the materials are learned, and the anatomy of the horse, lectures on the physiology of the animal's foot trimming and trimming to broker everything goes safely.
You can find out much about your pet during trimming
When the animal is prepared to receive the shoe the process of trimming, trimming and verification of the legs can help uncover potential health problems in your pet. If the procedure is performed correctly even small deviations bone can be corrected with a simple arrangement of shells.
But do not forget that the lack of knowledge of the techniques can also harm your animal. If you are not knowledgeable of the anatomical system of transportation of horses can cause serious health problems.Therefore, creator, pay close attention when hiring a professional who will take care of that part so sensitive and important of his horses.

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