8 Nov 2010

First horse that existed!

The Tarpan is regarded as the ancestor of all species of horses light types that currently exist. It looks much the Przewalski-horse. Unfortunately, the race became extinct. The last specimen died in freedom in 1879. In 1887, the last Tarpan died in captivity in Moscú.Despite being pursued until its dissolution, there remains no skeleton and no skin sample. It was impossible to tame a horse. There were two types of Tarpans, the one best known and forestry.Polish Peasants reconstructed a breed of ponies very similar to the Tarpan, the "Konik Polski, Polish ponies from a mixture of descendants of domestic horses and Tarpans.Despite the Tarpan was a wild ponies are used to living with humans and so the race does not seem very old to the Tarpan. But physically look a lot like the original Tarpans (except hair, which is wide, unlike the original Tarpan's mane).The Tarpans were able to withstand various temperatures below twenty degrees and used to graze in flooded areas. Furthermore, horses that were pastured for twelve hours daily.This kind of media generally horse around 130cm. From heavy head and a slightly flattened profile, the teeth of Tarpan were smaller than those of the Przewalski-horse.Their ears are wide and his eyes were small. His neck was short and had a large mane.


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