7 Nov 2010

Horse shoeing an a game for you!!

During routine processing of your horse should not forget the care of the hooves, as are essential to keep it healthy. From his earliest years the horse must be inspected by a farrier for six weeks in June, even if only for trimming hooves. If the animal need to use horseshoes, making work more comfortable, they should also be taken within 6 weeks for the hooves are trimmed.The owner of the horse's hooves should be cleaned at least once a day and check them as well as for the shoes, if you need to contact your farrier. You should also know to remove a loose shoe to act in emergencies, should do so as follows:

► Lift the hull and using a punch rivets, cut the tips of the nails that are bent outward;
► Use the pincers to separate horseshoe hoof, starting at the heel (back) to the toe (front);
► Pulling the shoe forward and pry it out with pincers pulling back.

The horse can be screwed in two ways: cold or hot. In cold shoeing the measure of horseshoes is the same as the hull, the farrier can make some adjustments in sustainable way. Although these shoes do not stay as perfect as the right ones to warm a horse pretty much screwed Cold is better than a poorly served hot fucked. Hot shoeing in the horseshoe, is preheated leaning against the hull, the hull of the cut inequalities that need to be corrected before they are posted to the horseshoe area revealed by charring. This part of the hull can be burned and preached without the horse gets hurt because it has no nerves.

The material is usually used in steel horseshoes, but can be made of other materials: aluminum (used in race horses because they are lighter), plastic adherent (for horses that do not support the nails). There are also shoes, orthopedic or surgical use in cases of laminitis and navicular disease.The Metal horseshoes are held in place by triangular plates - the harpoons. Horseshoes in the hand is used only a spear in the middle front, the toes are two bedrooms.Harpoons Room prevent the shoe from moving sideways, allowing the farrier cut over the hull forward and back a little horseshoe on the hull, this prevents the horse hit his foot on the same side hand.

The studs are placed in horseshoes to give greater grip. Are screwed into holes that are made on the heels of shoes can take many forms: in a floor nozzle for hard and soft floor for square shape. When the horse is not working, the studs must be removed and the holes must be filled with a cap or with cotton.


  1. i have a horse named renny she is always wants to be with the others what should i do

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