3 Nov 2010

Riding Club Championships

Riding Club Championships is an online game of horse. You can start your own stable with your friends and compete against people from around the world. The game portrays the equestrian sports in a very realistic manner, trying to capture the true feeling of riding on horseback.


You start the game, learning to handle your horse through practice lessons guided by a teacher. You will learn how to use the different rhythms of the horse, maneuver it, and finally how to jump over obstacles with your horse.

The main game mode in the Riding Club Championships is jumping. You can try out selected courses alone, playing friendly matches with other users, or complete in ranked matches. Each player has a ranking that shows how skilled he or she is compared to other players. These ratings can be viewed globally or to the stable you are in you raise or lower your ranking by competing in ranked matches against other players.The game has a level system where each layer has a different set of challenges associated with it. By completing these challenges, you increase your level and have access to new challenges, different disciplines and modes of play. sample

Training and caring for your horse is an important part of the game. Having a well-trained horse will give you an edge in competitions, but his skill as a player is more important. 
The game is different from other online games, where someone who has an avatar strongest tend to win, regardless of expertise. Your horse has three basic characteristics that are obedience, the speed of a força.Estas skills will improve when you train your horse.

Unlike offline games, the development team continues to make new content for the game after launch. There are some updates every two months, containing new features, bug fixes and optimization. As a member of the Riding Club will automatically download these new patches for free. What the updates will contain depends on the feedback from our users. If you have special wishes for the game, please post in the forum.You can download the game from the banner of this page. Once you have downloaded, you need to install it. Then you can try it free for two hours before having to choose a subscription plan. The game costs about € 5 per month, depending on which subscription you choose.

If you do not have the patience to download the client, the game will also be available in stores for 199 NOK. This will include three months of signing of Riding Club.To become a member of our community, register by clicking the "sign up" button at the top of this page. If you have any questions, check out our FAQ or contact us playing our contact form.Your virtual horse is waiting for you!


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  1. Anonymous11/23/2013

    why do you have to download it I want to play it so badly but I cant but a good game to play is howrse it s fun good AND YOU DON'T NEED TO DOWNLOAD IT