5 Nov 2010

Honza Bláha a Gaston


Knight John Blaha, who comes from a combination of natural communication, and equestrian sports. It can be seen in many concerts throughout Europe. The base has a farm near Klatovy Srbica in western Bohemia, where they park their horses, including the famous Gaston. Gaston is a warmblood common origin, that accumulate more than 150 cm. However, it is a horse with a big heart and a stubborn spirit. Together with Jan toured Europe and the USA.With Jan, you can also find in various seminars and courses throughout Europe. It teaches students not only advanced but also the beginners. "It's easier to learn things very well than something complex přeučovat later." Says Jack.In his spare time, sometimes for pleasure and went on some jumps.Leadership gradually takes the show on their hooves arábek Maxim (nar.2000) and fight alongside him in the position of the Quorum (PRE) and Conte (Oldenburg).Jack also deals with training of sport horses, young horses and obsedáním help people buy a horse.

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