8 Nov 2010

World Record Riding


The highest jump was given by Albert and his horse Larraguibel Huasi in 1949, when it jumped 2.47.
The biggest jump in width was made in 1977 when Andre Ferreira jumped 8.50.

Older horse stallion Old Billy, born in the nineteenth century, has died aged 62.

Firpon tallest horse, a Percheron brown of 2.16 m, born in 1959 and died at 1350 kg in Rancho Olavarria (Argentina) in 1972.

Horse lowest 36 cm (14.173 inches) - Shetland Pony breed named Midnight who was born at 24:00 in 1969 in Melbourne (Australia)

Horse heavier 1440 kg - "Brooklyn Supreme", a Thoroughbred stallion Belgian, born on April 12, 1928 and died in 1948. The owner of it was Ralph Fogleman and lived in Iowa (USA).


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