24 Nov 2010

Horseplay at HorseWorld

HorseWorld, the leading UK charity caring primarily for horses, ponies and donkeys, has used a child’s suitcase to aid rehabilitation some of their horses, helping them to become relax and play with humans.
Many of the animals in HorseWorlds care have been rescued or re-homed, and who have been abandoned, neglected or ill-treated.
Princess Penelope, the newest addition to Bristol based firm Magmatic’s famous Trunki range, played an important part in helping rehabilitate some of the horses in the care of the UK’s leading equine charity to boot.

Along with the team from Magmatic, the company responsible for bringing Trunki, Princess Penelope trotted along to HorseWorld, for her very first photo shoot. But the shoot was more than just horseplay as Amy Punter, Fundraising and Communications Assistant from HorseWorld explains:

“Training horses to play games can be a really important part of rehabilitation, as it allows our horses to relax and enjoy being around people again, so we were delighted to be given a new toy for our equines to play with. The Princess Penelope Trunki comes with a handy set of straps normally designed for tots or parents to use to pick her up, but they were also the perfect bite-sized target for our horses to get to grips with.”

HorseWorld uses a clicker to train the horses among many other training methods. The clicker is a useful tool to shape a behaviour as it pin-points the exact moment the horse got it right. And proving just how effective a training tool it is, within a matter of clicks, both Seth the Ardennes horse and Eeyore the donkey were able to sweep the Penelope Princess Trunki off her ‘feet’.

Trunki’s inventor and MD Rob Law adds: “It was amazing to see just how quickly the staff at HorseWorld were able to train the horses to pick up our little Penelope Princess Trunki. And having seen first-hand the amazing work they do here, we’re hoping to be able to work together more in the future.”

About HorseWorld
Responsible for the care of nearly five-hundred equines from Shetland Ponies like Arrow to Heavy Horses like Seth, HorseWorld is dedicated to giving the equines in their care the safe and happy futures they deserve, free from pain or neglect.

Many of the animals in their care have come from backgrounds of cruelty and neglect. HorseWorld aims to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome them into loving loan homes in and around the South-West.

The Visitor Centre plays an important role, allowing the public to meet some of the recovered animals and learn about animal welfare. It is home to rescued horses, donkeys, hens, ducks, goats, ferrets and Portia the pot-bellied pig. Funds raised from the Visitor Centre are used to help pay for the charity’s work.

For more information visit www.horseworld.org.uk

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