1 Jul 2011

Games for you!

Lisa And Bandit Game Info :
Lisa and Bandit are the best of friends .They have desided that they want to have a long fresh ride in the great outdoors.Lisa is an experienced Rider and BANDIT is a fantastic Jumper. Are you able to guide them safely thought all the obstacles out in the nature ?.
This is how game works: You control Lisa anb Bandit by the use of the arow keys left,down,right and by spacebar.Right arow key increase the spped and the left decreases the speed.The are two speeds besides full stop and that is walk and galopp.
To Jump you have to galopping,and duck you have to be walking .So is like this:
Jump = Galopp + Arow up , Duck = Walk + arow down . Good Luck .

Stylish Horse Rider Game Info :
Another Great Horse Dress Up Game .Today your Rider is beautiful Girl Riding on a Horse. The aim of the game is simple.You need to derss up the cute Girl with the availbale items from the right and left corner . There are items to choose : Hats,Hair , Clothes,Dresses ,Tail of horse , different background , and many more .

Jump Training Game Info :
Calling all the horse lovers out there! Here is your chance to manage the best horses in Russia for the current seasons! Every horse has its own advantages. Your greatest challenge is to cross the most number of obstacles along the run. The game culminates after a penalty for destruction of these obstacles reach 20 points .Play with arrow keys. Press the right key to increase speed and ‘up’ arrow key to jump. Simply, have fun with this Jump Training Game!

Charger Escape Game Info :
It’s time to use your brain and not your brawn! Your horse is trapped inside its pen. In order to get her out you need to use both your mouse and your mind. Click on objects you find in the stable. Collect these objects until you can use them to solve puzzles. Once you have solved them, your horse will begin to transform first into a unicorn and then into a winged Pegasus. Transform your horse and free in order to win the day in the horse game Charger Escape!

Horse Dressage Game Info :
Fashion, fashion and more fun! Make your horse walk, trot and canter in this beautifully designed horse dressing game. Choose the color of the horse depending upon your choice, which ranges from grey, palomino, brown, bay, dun, to black, chestnut, white and roan. A fun loving game for those who love to play with colors!

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