17 Jul 2011

Types of Horse Jobs and Careers

Horse Jobs

People who work in the horse world generally come from a horse background of some sort. Whether they always wanted one, grew up on a farm or just loved horses enough to plan their life around them.
In the weeks to come, The Equinest will feature each of the jobs on this list in detail. If you love horses, I’m willing to be there is a perfect horse job for every horse lover out there. If you are looking for a horse job be sure to visit ourhorse jobs section for listings from around the globe.
There are plenty of horse jobs out there for the adventurous horse lover, and here is a big, long list of them.

Careers At The Stable

Careers in Medical & Health

Careers in Breeding and Management

Careers At the Track

Horse Competition Careers

Professional Rider
Horse Show Manager
Drug Inspector
Show Judge
Show Vet
Show Groom
Show Photographer
Course Designer
Jump Designer
Jump Builder

Rodeo Careers

Rodeo Crew
Rodeo Cowboy
Rodeo Clown
Rodeo Pick Up Rider

Recreation & Hospitality Careers

Horse Mounted Tour Guide
Horse Trail Engineer
Guest Ranch Management
Guest Ranch Employee
Horse Camp Counselor
Carriage Driver

Horse Trade Careers

Horse Buyer

Misc Horse Careers

Therapeutic Riding Instructor
Horse Sitter
Transportation Specialist
College Professor
Stunt Rider or Double
Horse Identifier
Circus Rider

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