17 Jul 2011

Horses That Look Like Celebrities

A creative look at celebrities and horses who are strikingly similar.
Horse forelock blowing in the breezeJessica Simpson
Image from Reinhard.Pantke
Baby horse sleepingGremlin
Image from angelika.b
Horse with braided forelockChristina Aguilera
Image from Sheephead
Horse wearing fly mask over eyes and earsBat Man
Eats hay by day and saves Gotham City by night
Horse with messed up maneJuliette Lewis
Image from serni
Horse with big bootyJennifer Lopez
Image from hkilde
White horse with braidsAngelina Jolie
Horse laying on the groundCharlize Theron
Image from Kvetina-Marie
A hairless Akhal Teke foalIggy Pop
Oh yeah, I’ll be a wild one
A pinto with black around it's eyesAvril Lavigne
Image from andyburnfield
A horse jumping off the groundTom Cruise
Image from sindala
A horse standing with it's front legs crossedCameron Diaz
Image from Extra Medium

Here is a selection of famous people whose totem animal must be the horse…
Brown horse with light blue eyesChristopher Walken
Christopher Walken You want to look away, but you can’t.
Image from jesman
Close up of horse with wild maneEva Mendes
Image from lonedfx
Baby blue eyed horseVern Troyer aka Mini Me
I’m nobody’s mini me
Image from plvannest
Pregnant mareValerie from The Princess Bride
Image from cyborgsuzy
Blue eyed FriesianCourtney Cox
Image from Kjunstorm
Palomino horse with braided maneBo Derek
Still a 10 after all these years.
Image from caruba
Horse running with hair backJack Sparrow
Yes, I’ve taken up running
Image from Jaedde & Sis
Blond horse headGwen Stefani
Image from ivannest
Horse yawningBill O'Reilly
Image from linzy_320
Young chestnut foal with blue eyeKate Winslet
Will someone please turn off that horrible song?
Image from mhofstrand
Horse on the beachCarmen Electra
Not as graceful on her hind legs
Image from vajester82
A chestnut horse with it's wind blowing in the breezeLindsay Lohan
I’m a drama queen and you love it
Image from Sun Dance Lodge

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